Moss Walls

Moss benefits


Our Moss comes from Scandinavia where it is hand-picked for protection of the nature.


Moss requires no maintenance or sunlight. The moss is preserved and will not wilt and does not require water.


Moss collects unwanted air particles such as smoke or bacteria. It then absorbs, and cleans it, constantly purifying the air of toxins.

Absorbs moisture

Moss helps to stabilize a rooms moisture levels whether the room is too humid or is too dry.


Moss is extremely efficient in absorbing noise, specifically the human voice making it great for the work place, offices, and meeting rooms.


Not only does the moss not contain any common allergens but it also pulls other allergens out of the air.

Moss- Reindeer moss

Moss- Reindeer moss

Originally called "CLADONIA STELLARIS" or commonly called "REINDEER MOSS", this moss grows in North European forests, where it is harvested exclusively by hand-made local producers in a traditional way that respects the environment. This reindeer moss reveals all its splendor in everyday use, whether on large wall surfaces or pictures. It’s used exclusively in the interior. The reindeer moss must be in an environment with a minimum 40% relative humidity. Anything below this value becomes harder, but as soon as moisture is restored to a higher value, it becomes flexible and fresh again. It does not require any maintenance, light or water. Reindeer moss is a 100% biodegradable product. The color determined during the stabilization phase does not contain any harmful toxic substances. The unique shape, variety of colors and acoustic features offer endless possibilities for design use. This soft and flexible moss is perfectly suited to modern materials and is a symbol of modern ecological thinking. Available in different colors.

Basic colors



Bolmoss is usually used to add texture to the green wall. Bolmoss brings brilliant color and texture to any space with a 3D green wall effect. Hand-picked best-quality product from Scandinavian forests bring a green lifestyle into your space. Bolmoss is grown in a sustainable manner under the supervision of the state and stabilized by

Siberian Moss

It is a type of moss that combines the features of two very popular models of moss, Bolmoss, and Flatmoss. Theshape of it is like Bolmoss, predominantly convex, because of that, is creating an interesting structure for the walls.It is very nice to illuminate the LED light and such a wall then gets another layer of appearance. From the Flatmossspecies, it's retained his growths, which are longer than Bolmoss and are therefore more rugged. It is unlimited inway of use, equally well suited to paintings as well as creating large walls, its exibility can cover manyimperfections of the wall on which it is placed, such as curved walls or other unevenness in your space. Stabilizationis the same as in other models of moss and therefore the service life is about 8-10 years. The color of this kind isdarker green to emerald, so it is into lighter spaces where its color glows.

Siberian Moss
Flatmoss & Bolmoss

Flatmoss & Bolmoss

Flatmoss (flat) stabilized moss is usually used as a base for the green wall of a plant or as an excellent combination with the Bolmoss. Hand-picked in woods of France, this high-quality moss perfectly matches the design of modern moss walls. When we are creating Flatmoss & Bolmoss walls, these two types are combined in any size to suit the client's requirements, creating countless possibilities to design a distinctly 3D surface.


Stabilized plants come from South American countries, flowers and wild plants make up our collection of forests and provide you with a true green wall effect. Thanks to the innovative Bemoss vertical gardening concept, you enter the real world of plant design. Immerse yourself in the heart of the 100% natural atmosphere and quickly feel their soothing effect. Our collection of plants is perfectly suited to any interior, regardless of its nature, creating a unique personal design that will be a constant attraction to your looks.

Plants for moss wall