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All BEMOSS® products are handmade. Moss pictures and walls are made of 100% natural material, which has been stabilized by a special procedure in a stabilizing solution. As a result, all moss paintings, moss walls and stabilized plants are maintenance-free, requiring no daylight or water for their existence. The service life of BEMOSS® moss paintings and walls is several years. To maintain the longest possible life of paintings and walls, it is essential to observe:
→ Exposure the moss image or moss wall to direct sunlight as little as possible. Direct sunlight results in a slight fading of the natural pigment used in the stabilization process.
→ The moss picture or moss wall can not be watered or sprayed with water. Both moss and plants are no longer living organisms and they do not need water for their existence, they can no longer process it, if they came into regular contact with water, it would lead to their irreversible damage.
→ Moss painting or moss wall needs indoor humidity between 40% -70%. We recommend that you get a small humidifier so that you always know what humidity you have indoors.
→ Moss pictures or moss walls can be made in any dimensions, not only in the standardized dimensions at our e-shop, just contact us at and we will prepare a quote for you immediately.
→ We can manufacture moss pictures or walls in wooden or aluminum frames of various decors, as well as in a frameless version. You can easily hang moss pictures on pre-prepared hooks.
→ We usually deliver moss pictures within 3-6 weeks, depending on the production load and the complexity of the order.